Mud, Blood, Cheers, and Beers – CX Nationals Day 1

The van pushed eastward, ascending the western slope of the Rocky Mountains, leaving the holiday season and t-shirt weather in SoCal behind. It was a race against the clock to get to Boulder for the Cyclocross National Championships where several inches of snow turned melting slop blanketed the course at Valmont Bike Park. Finally, a mudder. But not before camping out in zero degrees, getting a flat tire, then smashing the bejesus out of my thumb in the van door. Lacking an opposable digit and enduring pain that makes you see stars with each throbbing heart beat, I didn’t get this far not to shoot some racing. Luckily, the snow on the ground makes icing convenient.

Industry racers and single speeders got down n dirty on day one and the beer handups and bloody noses were already flowing. The course looked sloppy and technical, but warmer temperatures should dry things up by the weekend. In the meantime, some muddy madness:









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