Pain and Relief – Cyclocross Nationals Day 2

There is a lot of great coverage coming out of CX Nationals this year and a lot of new viewers directed this way from 303 Cycling, for which I’m stoked for. Since I’m freelancing this one, aka working for free and not for a media outlet, this is my experience at the races during the day and van dwelling at night.

Unable to take the massive pain radiating from my recently smashed thumb, I turned to YouTube for my health care needs. Psyching myself up to heat a pin that would sizzle its way through the nail and hitting an oil field of blood under pressure below was the hardest part. The immediate relief from performing a mini surgery in the back of the van was well worth it. Not that it makes gripping camera bodies and switching lenses around quickly any easier. Lesson learned. Don’t smash fingers in car doors. It hurts like mad.

‘Cross also hurts, but in a good way. I wasn’t alone in pain on day 2 of the Boulder mud festival. There was more blood (other than my own), more mud, and other nasty concoctions of spit and snot making up complementary facial day at Valmont Bike Park. Good times.

pain faces









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